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  • Why do you have this website?    

  • How do you make your products?    

  • What is the SC Johnson Greenlist™ process?    

  • What are the EU 26 allergens and do you use them in your fragrances?    

  • What’s an MSDS and where do I find it?    

  • Do you test on animals?    

  • What regulations are you subject to?    

  • Why use additives like dyes, preservatives and fragrances...why not just use the basic ingredients a product needs?    

  • Why use chemicals at all...why not make products from natural ingredients?    

  • Aren't natural products better?    

    Not necessarily. "Natural" or home remedies are not necessarily safer, effective or lower in allergens. In fact, many natural products undergo limited or no scientific testing compared to the extensive toxicological evaluations that companies like SC Johnson require for their product formulations. In contrast, SC Johnson products must meet or surpass all relevant regulatory requirements in the United States, Europe and any country where the product will be sold.

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  • Can’t you only use chemicals that are non-toxic?    

  • What's more important: the chemical or the quantity used?    

  • What’s the difference between a risk and a hazard?    

  • If I have allergies, should I use your products?    

  • Do natural products contain fewer allergens than products made from synthetic materials?    

  • Why do you use fragrances in your products?    

  • Why don’t you say exactly which fragrance ingredients are in which specific products?    

  • Why are there so many potential ingredients in your fragrance palette?    

  • What is the difference between SC Johnson products that are labeled as “unscented” and “fragrance free?”     

  • I’ve read that some fragrance ingredients aren’t safe. Should I be worried?    

  • Are SC Johnson fragrances safe for people and the environment?    

  • Why use synthetic fragrances instead of all natural fragrances?    

  • Do you use mink oil?    

  • What are phthalates and do you use them in your fragrances?     

  • What are parabens and do you use them in your fragrances?    

  • What are glycol ethers and do you use them in your fragrances?    

  • What is d-Limonene and do you use it in your fragrances?    

  • What are synthetic musks and do you use them in your fragrances?