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Fragrance Disclosure

SC Johnson is the first major company to offer product-specific fragrance disclosure. We started with air care products in Canada and the U.S., and we'll be adding other product categories soon.

Our goal is to list all ingredients down to .09 percent of the product formula. If that doesn't provide at least 10 ingredients, we will list the top 10 if there are at least 20 fragrance ingredients present.

We will always try to select the method of disclosure that gives you the longest list and the most information.

While they aren't disclosed, the remaining ingredients also must meet our strict standards and be approved as part of our fragrance palette in order to be used. You can learn more about our palette here.

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Ziploc® brand

Ziploc® brand Slider Storage Bags


Polyethylene-Linear Low Density
Polyethylene-Low Density
Viton FreeFlow™ z200
PE Color Conc Blue 1635C PEC
Provides a pleasing colour for a product.
HYDRO Film Dow Fast Dry EH 70388 White
Contains pigments or dyes to provide color to a product.
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