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  • Aren't natural products better?    

  • If I have allergies, should I use your products?    

  • Do natural products contain fewer allergens than products made from synthetic materials?    

  • What is the SC Johnson Greenlist™ process?    

    It's our internally developed environmental classification system that we use to help "green" the company's chemistry. Created in 2001, the SC Johnson Greenlist™ process helps our scientists select better ingredients and phase out less desirable ones. When SC Johnson scientists create a new product or new formula, they work to select raw materials with the highest possible ratings. Reformulations must use ingredients that have ratings equal to or better than the original formula. You can learn more about the SC Johnson Greenlist™ process here.

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  • I’ve read that some fragrance ingredients aren’t safe. Should I be worried?    

  • Are SC Johnson fragrances safe for people and the environment?    

  • What’s the difference between a risk and a hazard?