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  • Why do you have this website?    

  • How do you make your products?    

  • What is the SC Johnson Greenlist™ process?    

  • What are the EU 26 allergens and do you use them in your fragrances?    

  • Where do your ingredient names come from?     

  • What’s an MSDS and where do I find it?    

  • Do you test on animals?    

  • What regulations are you subject to?    

  • Why use additives like dyes, preservatives and fragrances...why not just use the basic ingredients a product needs?    

  • Why use chemicals at all...why not make products from natural ingredients?    

  • Aren't natural products better?    

  • Can’t you only use chemicals that are non-toxic?    

  • What's more important: the chemical or the quantity used?    

  • What’s the difference between a risk and a hazard?    

  • What is SC Johnson’s position on ingredient and fragrance disclosure, including on-package labeling?    

  • If I have allergies, should I use your products?    

  • Do products with natural ingredients contain fewer allergens than products made from synthetic materials?    

  • Why do you use fragrances in your products?    

  • Why are there so many potential ingredients in your fragrance palette?    

  • What is the difference between SC Johnson products that are labeled as “unscented” and “fragrance free?”     

  • I’ve read that some fragrance ingredients aren’t safe. What is SC Johnson doing to make its fragrance ingredients safer?    

  • Why use synthetic fragrances instead of all natural fragrances?    

  • What are phthalates and do you use them in your fragrances?     

  • What are parabens and do you use them in your fragrances?    

  • What are glycol ethers and do you use them in your fragrances?    

  • What is d-Limonene and do you use it in your fragrances?    

  • What are synthetic musks and do you use them in your fragrances?